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August 3, 2017 2:40 am  #1

If you use my stuff

Ok. I shouldn't have to say this. It should be common courtesy, but since there isn't much courtesy in the 'net world we live in today, I'll hafta come right out and say it. 

IF YOU USE STUFF FROM MY SITE, whether it's MY original stuff or a posted link, please say this is where you found it, ok? I'm trying to get some traffic to this site and if people just come in and steal what I sometimes spend days finding and posting, don't worry - I see it - and it makes me mad that people just steal the articles posted here without ever mentioning MY site or posting a link to it acknowledging this is where they found it. If I find something at a different site, I always say where I got it unless the link posted takes you to the actual site where I found it. 

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