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September 13, 2017 8:10 pm  #1

homemade house plant fertilizers

My sister-in-law, years ago, gave me a recipe for homemade indoor-plant fertilizer which contained salt peter, but I can't seem to locate it.  I had it written on a recipe card and always kept it in my "main" kitchen recipe box (I have several boxes and folders with recipes all over the house!).  So I started looking up homemade house plant fertilizer recipes and found this page.  Nothing on there is too new, except they talk about using milk.  I would in NO way use the dead, pasteurized milk the writer is referring to.  It's DEAD, SANITIZED, NOT-LIVING.  Why on earth would I put it on plants??  No sir.  If you have access to raw milk this would be a great idea though.  But I'll stick with using epsom salt or salt peter (two totally different things, BTW).  We used salt peter years ago to get rid of old tree stumps, too.  I remember my Dad drilling holes into the stumps and pouring in the salt and then by next spring we could dig the stump out quite easily (that part of the job he always left for us kids!). 

Here's the page for the fertilizer ideas (it's also hawking products for some company, of course):

Here's a page describing what salt peter is and what some of it's uses have been, over the ages:


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