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March 11, 2019 7:38 pm  #1

rPedophile scandal becomes "Trump scandal"

Good Lord, it is any wonder no one trusts the enemedia?

I had been wondering for a long time whatever happened to the "justice" we were supposed to see in this rather sordid spectacle of ultra rich buddies doing unspeakable things to young girls (at least all we know about are the girls!) but it turns out really nothing was done, nothing of any consequence, and now all of a sudden its become Trump's problem?  Good grief.

I've also been wondering what's happening in the Roger Stone thing.  Haven't heard a peep about the wrongdoing of CNN and it's leaders behind the curtain (Mueller et al.) and it's about time we are allowed to be caught up on that, too.  Stone isn't the one who needs prosecuting, it's CNN who should be on the hot seat.

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