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March 9, 2019 9:47 am  #1

Pizza batter crust!

I made this, it's not bad.  I used a can of Muir Glen organic pizza sauce instead of the tomato sauce because ALL tomato (canned) sauces, diced, stewed - whatever - contain too much sugar (usually just natural sugar from the tomatoes themselves) and we have a friend who has diabetes who eats with us often on weekends. 

He is a work friend of my husband and is a single guy who is diabetic and we have been trying to help him with his eating habits for a couple of years now and he's doing really well, as long as he stays away from canned tomato products entirely. 

Also, unlike a lot of people, we don't like a lot of "junk" on our pizza.  We usually have pepperoni and onion, or sausage and black olive.  Two toppings is usually all we do, plus gobs of cheese, of course!!


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