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February 3, 2019 2:05 am  #1

Fentanyl bust gave me something to think about

Yesterday on one of the news programs on FOX, they were showing a clip of all the fentanyl taken in that bust (and some meth, too).  Up on a table were what looked to be hundreds of plastic baggies of the stuff.  The CBP or someone knowledgable about this stuff was telling how very little it takes to get hooked on the stuff and/or kill people.  Just a fingertip dipped into the powder is all it takes.  I don't know a damned thing about fentanyl.  When I first heard about it in the news I thought they were talking about the stuff that people were using to lose weight a few years ago with a similar name.

At any rate, it occurred to me that if it only takes that teeny small amount to make people sick, or hooked, what if someone who works at a fast food joint had just a little of it on their clothing or their hands and it were to get into the food or even be transferred from the person at the cash register?  Good Lord, do you realize the implications of this stuff????  All it would take would be one crackpot - - like the airhead who tainted tylenol back in the early 1980's.

This is really scary.  Just think of all the "shipments" no one catches?  Why don't we have canine units all up and down the "border", not just for drug sniffing but for sniffing out people, as well?  Is this something the CBP has asked for and not received or are there just not enough trained animals to use for this purpose?  They could be very helpful in the overall protection at the border, IMO.

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