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January 28, 2019 11:49 pm  #1

Most diseases are NOT inherited or "genetic"

But doctors will try to convine you that they are.

Recently, when going through my medical records with my new doctor (I had to change last year because my long-time family physician doesn't accept medicare patients) I found that almost 99% of what they had in my medical records for a "family history" was bogus information.  It was all wrong and I worked with my new doctor for half an hour to get it set right.

I do not, let me repear that - - I DO NOT BELIEVE IN "Genetics".  I simply do not believe that everything anyone in my family ever had is something I'm going to get or something my children are going to suffer with.  It's pure craziness to believe shit like that.

Quote from article at link below:

"Doctors, when confronted with the most serious disorders tell thei  patients that any serious disease is genetic and has been inherited from their parents’ or grandparents’ genes, so the “victim” (allopathic patient for life) won’t ever figure out that they can prevent (and often reverse) these diseases and disorders with nutritional remediesif they are concentrated enough. "

This is a good article about why we should not believe everything our doctors tell us:

And here's a good link to read about the baselessness of DNA testing and how we should not believe everything about these "tests".  They, too, are pretty much bogus. This DNA testing can NOT tell you where your "ancestors" came from or anything even remotely like that. It's pure hogwash so that they can make money.  But people will, I'm convinced, believe damned near anything.  People are gullible and that's what ALL industry relies on.


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