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January 17, 2019 2:55 am  #1

Geo. Washington & his Indians!

I just received this book in the mail (finally!) and I can't wait to start reading.  I may report back here as I go, or maybe when I've read the whole book.  It depends.  But I am looking forward to this because I don't think this subject is covered very thoroughly by our historians up to now.  They always rather skip over the part about the "Indians" because they don't consider it important, I guess.  The indian tribes were here centuries before anyone else - - why the hell wouldn't that be important??  Certainly seems as though it is germaine to the telling of the history of the USA, doncha think?

I do.  So I'm going to read about it.  I hope this is a good following of what happened, because I know enough about history to know when I'm being bluffed - especially about this subject.   

Everyone should be interested in this kind of learning, but few are, I find.  How sad.  We'll read about (or watch tv shows) about negro roots (Roots, for instance, or Amistad) but white's don't care to know their OWN history.  Yeah, sad.

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