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January 4, 2019 7:06 am  #1

Fduh approves 6 in 1 combo vax for babies

I thought President Trump was going to start to fight back against this sort of thing?  Whatever happened to his relationship with Robert Kennedy, Jr.???  I guess it's another thing that fell by the wayside, no matter how important it is to our younger generation.  I'm surprised Melania isn't getting on him about this issue.  Isn't she against multiple and combo vaccines?  Or am I dreaming!!

This is an injustice to the children of the world and to the USA's future generations.  Not to mention, an insult.  These are 6 of the WORST vaccines for reactions in babies.  But when you stuff 6 of them into one syringe and shoot it into a babies body, how are you ever going to know which one they are reacting to if a reaction should occur??  You won't and it doesn't matter to the Rx companies because they aren't liable for the damn reactions anyway.  There's where the injustice really begins.

A government which robs Peter to
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-- George Bernard Shaw

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