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November 16, 2018 8:33 pm  #1

Take care of your lungs

It's not that hard.  As we age, however, "exercise" becomes more difficult because the younger people can get down on the floor and do all these fancy schmancy leg and torso lifts, etc.  Well, as an oldster I can tell you that getting up and down off the floor is not do-able or even best for for us.  I walk for my exercise because it's convenient, easy, gets me out of the house, exercises my dog at the same time, and if the weather is crummy I always have the option of walking indoors.  I have had some Leslie Sansone DVD's for absolutely years and I still use them during the icy season.  I don't get the fresh air of walking outdoors nor the beautiful scenery, but it's sure better than not doing anything at all.  Besides, it keeps me in the "groove" of my daily routine and I don't get lazy and make excuses for why I "can't" walk.  Amazon still has the DVD's as well as a few new ones from her collection.

Here's some great info from Dr. Mercola's site about lung health.

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