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October 13, 2018 3:29 pm  #1

Skillet Breakfast

Actually, this is what we often do as our "breakfast for supper" meal.  We usually also toss in some sliced or diced multi-colored peppers that I keep frozen just for such occasions.

I have a Kitchen Aid mixer and my DH bought me the dicer attachment for my birthday this year (which is what I requested, BTW) and that works slick to cut up whole bunches of veggies at a time.  Beings we are right now at the end of the harvest around here I have lots of produce to either can or freeze and right now I have no time to can stuff.  I had to skip out on canning peaches this year, and those are our favorites.  Short season and no time!

Heck, we've already had two measurable snowfalls and today is the third blizzard already this year, but until nightfall I don't think any of it will stick to the streets, but it is sticking to the grass and the north sides of the trees, and the wind is just howling.  Temp is 31 degrees.

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