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August 3, 2017 10:59 pm  #1

Northpole/Mrs. Claus recipes

This is a neat holiday web site (even for the kiddo's - use the icons across the top of the page, there's a barn and Santa's Den and Mrs. Claus' kitchen, etc.  Slide your cursor over the pictures when they appear and they make noise, and there are stories etc!).

There are some tried and true recipes here albeit not the most healthy. Around the holidays I chuck healthy out the window for a few days. Everyone should. The stress of not eating your favorite holiday foods is more dangerous to your health than just eating them ever would be. No one should be so strict with foods that they never get to enjoy old traditional favorites. NEVER.

At the top of the page once you click on the link below, go to the little green icons (like the Christmas tree) and click on those and you'll find some interactive things - more fun stuff for the kids.


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