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October 3, 2018 7:11 am  #1

Some idiot

I had the tv on this morning while I was getting dressed and didn't really hear who the guy was (some pediatrician is all I know) but he was talking just as fast as he could to cram in his message as many times as possible - - to get your child the flu shot.  I'll bet that guy pushed that message into his conversation 20 times in the short period he was on screen.  It was disgusting to those of us who know better.  Please don't listen to this idiot.  PLEASE DON'T GET YOURSELF OR YOUR CHILDREN, OF ANY AGE, A FLU SHOT.  THEY ARE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS - - THAT'S THE ONE THING NO ONE FROM THE MEDICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX WILL TELL YOU.

Do your homework extensively before your make a decision.  I say this about ALL vaccines, and I don't say it lightly.  These shots are FILLED with toxic crap that do nothing to help with disease, never have.  If you dig deep (and stay away from dot gov or dot edu web sites) you will learn the horrible truth about the polio shot, the MMR shot, the DPT or DTaP shot - - and how there is always an excuse from the medicos but the facts don't support their ridiculous arguments.  Please please please do your homework before consenting to any vaccine for yourself or any member of your family, but most especially babies.

Ask yourself if you know the difference between a side effect and an adverse event.  If you don't know the difference, please do some research on that issue, as well.  It will surprise you.

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