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September 24, 2018 10:37 pm  #1


This is pretty interesting.  Buy a T-shirt!

One thing that is never mentioned, is that *side effects* from a drug can be either good or bad.  A good side effect means the drug is doing what it's supposed to be doing, right?  But a bad side effect should be called an ADVERSE EVENT, never just a side effect because to most people that doesn't mean a thing.  Also, adverse events should always be reported, not just to your doctor, but to your local adverse event number (go online to find the number for your area).  If there isn't one available for your area in particular, go straight to the CDC web site (not that it will matter but do it anyway) and save a copy of your letter or phone call.  Make records of EVERYTHING - times, dates, name of drug, dose of drug, adverse reaction(s) you had, how long they lasted, if you ended up in the ER or if the event went away on it's own - - - all that kind of stuff.

One thing I've never understood is antibiotics.  People just use them willy nilly because doctors prescribe them willy nilly (ditto for opioids).  But with antibiotics THEY know and the people know too, that it will cause gut problems and in women they almost always cause a yeast infection or worse.  But no one seems to think of this as ad *adverse reaction*!!!  Unbelievable.  Just a reminder to eat a LOT of good quality yogurt (not the sugary crap from Yoplait, etc) and repopulate your gut with good biotics and do away with the ANTI - biotics.

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