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September 16, 2018 6:33 pm  #1

The Room

Tonight I was channel surfing (there's never anything on worth watching these days) and I happened upon the public television station.  They were showing a documentary called Spying on the Royals.  I'm not sure how many episodes of this thing there are really supposed to be because I kept finding conflicting reports with an online search.  Nevertheless, tonight was episode 2 and it was fascinating, although I have no idea how much of it is true - documentaries sometimes tend to interweave lies and truth - - especially when sponsored by a public station. 

Anyway, in the belly of the documentary was a reference to an elitist club here in America, formed in the early 20th century, called "The Room" and later in it's existence some of the information the members would find out would make its way to the ear of FDR who used this group of hoity toity people to spy for him.  It took quite a bit of searching on the 'net (and just the right combination of words, I might add) to find out anything at all about this group, but what I finally found is quite interesting in lieu of what's happening in the USA today regarding secrets and spies and surveillance, etc.  Actually the story of the Royals (mostly  centering on Edward abdicating and marrying Wallis Simpson) was quite interesting too, but as I say, it's really hard to know what to believe and what might actually just be fictional accounts.

Here's what I found regarding "The Room":

And here's just a sample of what little is to be found (that's accurate) about the story of the Spying on the Royals:


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