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July 28, 2018 5:29 pm  #1

Baked oatmeal

Pretty soon (before we know it, actually) school will start and the days will begin to get shorter and cooler.  A perfect time to start making baked oatmeal again.  I usually add dried black cherries to mine because I love them, but sometimes I just make it plain and then add some type of fruit right before eating. My grands like to stir jelly into theirs, usually my homemade blackberry (which is their favorite) right before we add the half n' half (instead of milk).  I have one grandson, who will be 8 right before school starts, and he likes to stir peanut butter into his baked oatmeal.  I buy the natural peanut butter from our food co-op because they make it right on the premises, fresh every day, and they add nothing to it - it's just peanuts blended until it turns to butter.

As an aside, when I put my ingredients into the bowl for mixing, I do not use vegetable oil (eww) I use melted butter - - soooooo much better for you and so much better tasting.  Doesn't effect the texture or the baking time one bit.

Here's a short little vid to show you one way to do this:

** It's an "overnight" recipe, so plan ahead. 

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