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It's almost here . . . . by Debrah
Yesterday 2:41 pm
Pull Up A Chair 0 Yesterday 2:41 pm
by Debrah
Why ARE we doing this? by Debrah
Yesterday 1:07 pm
Ask your questions here 0 Yesterday 1:07 pm
by Debrah
If you can't find another place, put it here 0 Yesterday 10:42 am
by Debrah
Excluding democrats by Debrah
Yesterday 10:37 am
All of our broken political systems 0 Yesterday 10:37 am
by Debrah
QUOTES & PUNS (keep adding to the list) by Debrah
August 11, 2017 6:11 am  1 2 
Just jokin' around! 31 Yesterday 9:12 am
by Debrah
Message from administration by Debrah
Yesterday 7:50 am
IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO POST 0 Yesterday 7:50 am
by Debrah
What the hell is going on? by Debrah
Yesterday 7:41 am
Buzzard Board 0 Yesterday 7:41 am
by Debrah
CDC petitioned to stop lying by Debrah
Yesterday 7:34 am
General Health Information 0 Yesterday 7:34 am
by Debrah

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