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March 23, 2018 6:41 pm  #1

Got this from a friend

Couldn't have said it better myself only he forgot about smart appliances and smart meters.  In reality, we're ALL being spied on ALL the time.

Please read. 


I do believe we live in a period of peak stupidity. Think about it and you'll see how so many have been deluded by slick advertising as well as tempted by shiny things and tasty candy and we end up doing the most patently absurd things ever.
Would most normal people ever volunteer to provide all sorts of personal information to someone who would then use that personal information however they wanted while you had no control over what these people did with your personal information? Of course not because that becomes a voluntary invasion of privacy that could be abused in so many ways. But around two billion people have done this because they were seduced by Facebook and the social media temptation. Now that they are discovering what Facebook has done with their personal data they are horrified and that's before they remember or discover the ties that Facebook and other social media sites have to the intelligence community. It gets worse, far worse.
If the FBI or local police wanted to put microphones in your house and listen to everything going on in your home, they would need a court order that would describe the justification to do this. It would be absolutely insane for an individual to put a microphone in their home voluntarily that would allow others to listen in on everything being done and said. Right? Nope, because millions of people are doing just this when they put their Cortana, Alexis, or whatever device they decide upon, in their home. These devices promise to make life simpler because all you have to do is ask a question and the device provides an answer. If you want movie tickets, a restaurant reservations, or whatever, then you simply direct this device to do it and it gets done. For this device to be able to do this on command, it must be listening 24/7. Additionally, it must also learn your voice in order to recognize your command which means it can learn the voices of others that are commonly in your home as well. If the device can learn the voices of others, if the device can understand what you and others are saying, then this means that the device can not only build a profile on you, but it can build a profile on others commonly in your home. This ultimately means that these companies can monitor you whenever you are in your home which means the government can monitor you while you are in your home. If enough people install these devices in their homes, then you can be monitored in other homes as well as your own. And to think we have been seduced into installing these devices in our homes, even paid for them, and have freely given permission to be monitored at home and elsewhere. Is this really what you want?
But all of this monitoring does not end there. For a few percent in car insurance discounts you can sign up to have your smart phone monitor your driving. Not only does it show your current location and speed, it shows everywhere you have traveled. Add to this how people allow them to be monitored using their phones for other reasons, how your shopping is monitored for a "membership discount", how your credit or debit cards can be and often are monitored to show your purchases, and so forth, and the truth of the matter is that we voluntary agree to allow our movements, our purchases, our conversations,and so forth, to continually be monitored. Is this what you really wanted to sign up for? Do you really want to voluntarily surrender this or any other freedoms? Most importantly, do you understand or even know what, if any, protections you have from any of these companies, using, abusing, or selling your information?
We now live in a time where we not only allow, but even pay someone to take away our privacy, where we allow ourselves to be monitored in so many ways, and we have little to no clue as to what protections we have or if we even have any. In essence, we have been seduced to give away some of the most cherished protections guaranteed by our Constitution and we don't even seem to realize what we are doing. Peak stupidity.

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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