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January 10, 2018 12:12 pm  #1

What a bunch of malarkey

Donald Trump is not crazy or deranged or any of the other "words" used to describe him lately.  What's crazy is the fact that we've let this WHOLE ORGANIZATION of nitwits convince us that there is this litany of mental conditions, when in fact about 99% of them are just made up FAKE "illnesses". 

I'm in full agreement with the very first paragraph of Jon's article in the link below.  Actually, I'm convinced that if any of those things were gotten rid of we never would have had people with problems which could be labeled as mental illness, and that's a fact - such as diagnosing kids with strange sounding diseases like ODD (oppositional defiance disorder).  Have you ever in your life heard of anything so damned stupid? 

But too many parents will believe absolutely anything some dood behind a big desk with a bunch of file folders on it tells them.  ANYTHING.  That's called conditioning, and that's what we have in the fake mental health industry.  And boy, is it an industry.  The worst kind.  The only thing *faker* is the media who reports on these false and fake "mental illnesses",  and to me that's borderline criminal.

*** If ever you have time, go to youtube and watch the film documentary about the mental illness industry called "Marketing of Madness".  It may be labeled something a bit different by now, but you'll still be able to find the one I'm talking about, unless in their cracked wisdom someone from that jilted industry has taken it down.  It's about 2-3 hours long but certainly not a waste of your time. 

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