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August 5, 2017 12:33 pm  #1

Cancer report

Great reading. This is the truth, as ugly as it is.  People who are being treated for cancer through the lying allopathic paradigm will never admit that this is true.  The truth about THAT is because they were too lazy to look for alternative methods and/or too scared (read: feared) into accepting conventional treatments because doctors tell their cancer patients that "time is of the essence".  The pure fact is that cancer is a fairly slow moving disease and taking a month or so to do some research on OTHER treatments (alternative or integrative or whatever) isn't going to be an issue for about 98% of the people who end up with a cancer diagnosis.  The other thing is that all people who are diagnosed with cancer should always get a second opinion or at least be lab-tested more than once before believing the diagnosis.  Too many people are treated who don't even actually have cancer, and that's the solid truth.  Question authority - always.


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