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October 28, 2017 10:52 am  #1

JFK "cover-up" continues

The complete and utter idiots at the CIA have had 50 years to review those records, but now they need until April of 2018 to "finish the job"???  Oh puhleeez.  Spare all of us the continued lies. 

"Notice something else about the deal that Trump has presumably made with the CIA: The secrecy arrangement extends only to April. Ostensibly, the next six months are needed to carefully review the records to determine whether the records really to relate to “national security.”Not surprisingly, the mainstream media isn’t even questioning that ludicrous notion. For more than 50 years, the CIA has known why it has wanted those particular records to be kept secret."

It's got nothing to do with current National Security at all, but someone found a way to connect the two enough so that Trump (Mr. Art of the Deal, as the author calls him!) fell for it and used it as a bargaining chip, I think.  Crazy stuff.  Even if the papers had been released it wouldn't have mattered because within a week everyone would have forgotten all about it and moved on to the next cooked-up tragedy.  Only a few CIA agents were shitting their pants over this thing.

This is superb reading.


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