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September 20, 2017 8:18 am  #1

Nanoparticles: the new health epidemic

Some people will believe this, some people won't.  Well, I believe it. And it's damn downright scary because once this sort of thing is unleashed, it cannot ever again be contained.  We may be helping to progress our own demise.

These substances can enter the human body when we eat, drink, breathe, and when they contact our skin.

Once inside our bodies, they can travel through the blood system to any part of the body.

They often concentrate in connective tissue. Some easily pass through the blood-brain barrier and enter the brain. [1]

Some nanoparticles can be scavenged by cells of the immune system and removed from the body. Other nanoparticles stay stuck in tissues where they concentrate and become a toxic burden. [4, 5]

. . . we are breathing nano-aluminum, eating nano-aluminum, and having constant skin contact with nano-aluminum. Our bodies are accumulating nano-aluminum and other nanoparticles, and we have become storage dumps for these toxic metals.

The harm that is being produced by breathing air and eating food containing nanoparticles of aluminum effects every person in the United States even if we eat organic food, reject vaccinations containing aluminum adjuvants, avoid using pesticides and other toxic chemicals, and do our best to live a healthy lifestyle.

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