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October 8, 2018 5:30 pm  #1

The flu will be a big money-maker this year

Once again, now that autumn is here, all we hear about is the flu shot and how you can get it at Walgreens and Walmart yada yada yada.  Now this year they're REALLY pushing the one for senior citizens (I wouldn't get one if my life literally depended on it - in fact, my life and your life literally depend on NOT getting it).

Don't fall for the hype, please.  My Mother lived in a retirement community for several years and every year they tried to talk her into a flu shot for which I told them if they ever gave her one I would contact a lawyer so fast it would make their eyeballs spin.  One year my Mom was not at the retirement community the day they came; she was at Walgreens shopping with some of her friends and the druggist at Walgreens talked her into a  flu shot.  When she got home she called and told me and I asked her if she forgot what I'd told her.  Yes, she had.  Consequently, about 2 months later she had the worst case of the flu she'd ever had in her entire life of 86 years.  We almost lost her but with my good homemade broths and keeping her well hydrated with homemade mineral water, in about 7 days she was feeling better and in about 2 weeks she was to a point where she could sit up unassisted.  She was weak for a month after that.  It took her forever to get better.  I then detoxed her to rid her body of the damage done by that poison-filled shot.

There isn't a living human being who will ever reap benefits from having that stupid shot.  Most people who get it end up with pneumonia (which I consider an adverse event from the vaccine itself).

Now they're pushing the Flu-mist as well, which is also a danger to society.  Nothing about this stuff is based on any sort of scientific evidence, but then again science fiction is not science anyway, and that's the kind of science the CDC uses.  Everything they promote is based on down-the-rabbit-hole fiction and outright lies.

A government which robs Peter to
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-- George Bernard Shaw

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