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July 13, 2018 8:08 pm  #1

The STRANGE testimony of Peter Strzok; what about th SES?


But what's even more weird is this information (gleaned from the comment section under the story listed in the above link) which tells us that no matter what questions are put to Strzok it really doesn't matter.

"MattBracken • Why is Strzok so smug? He's an SESer.

I would guess that 95% of Americans have never heard of the Senior Executive Service, but the SES has more REAL power than Congress. The SES was created in 1979 to form kind of an aristocracy among the federal bureaucracy. All are political appointees. They resemble "civilian generals" but unlike generals they don't rotate out to new duty stations.Congress can haul FBI SES'er Peter Strzok in and berate him, but they can't do a damn thing to him. Contempt of Congress? An SESer could not care any less. The approximately 10,000 SESers protect one another above all else. It's not about Democrats vs. Republicans, it's now more about the SES vs. the rest of the government.Folks need to get up to speed on the REAL power structure in Washington. There is a civil war going on, and 95% of it is happening below the surface.
Trump and the Congress have barely made a dent in the power of the SES.Imagine the old USSR, with KGB-aligned senior apparatchiks answerable directly to the Politburo and nobody else in charge of every federal agency and department. That is the SES. In our case today, the unexpected occurred and Trump was elected as POTUS, but the SES is still loyal to the Obama and Clinton factions. That's what is really going on."


But Ivanka is a part of the SES:

So, then, President Trump knows about this organization?? Wow.

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