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June 18, 2018 12:52 pm  #1

Border patrol agent shot

After reading this article, someone needs to explain to me IN DETAIL exactly why President Trump shouldn't be enforcing his immigration policies and/or his "zero tolerance" policy.  If the USA does not want to face what's happening, they're doing a great job of it so far.  Trump is the only one who is willing to face things head-on, it would seem.  We sure as hell can't depend on bleeding heart/stupid-in-the-head democrats to do it.  Democrats want to let everyone in who wants to come in and, as Piglosi likes to say "then we'll figure it out". Yep, when is "then"?  In my estimation, "then" is a little too late.
This needs to be tackled NOW while it's a hot issue.  Once it cools down, no one wants to mess with it.  We better hope President Trump sticks to his guns on this issue.

I'd like to know why our CONgressidiots can't come together and agree to do what the country of Hungary is doing?  I posted an article here a month or so ago about how they've virtually solved the problem of open borders in their country and it's exactly what we should be implementing, too.

A government which robs Peter to
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-- George Bernard Shaw

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