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May 16, 2018 9:35 am  #1

Our "RUINOUSLY EXPENSIVE MILITARY" - but, but, but . . .

This is why I'm dead-set against giving more and more and more money to the DOD. 

It NEVER EVER goes for the things the average stoopid American thinks it's going.  It doesn't go for better body protections for our soldiers, it doesn't go for better "food in the fields" for our soldiers (they get stuck with those crappy MRE's that most dogs won't eat but the pentagon thinks are just dandy), it doesn't go for good clean water being supplied to our soldiers, it doesn't even go for improved weapons because the enemies have the same US-made weapons! (Do you get the irony?)  It goes into the pockets of the higher-ups in the military whether they're active or retired, and whether or not they left the military in shame or in glory. 

What a scam.

As far as I'm concerned, collection of this money (by the recipients) should be illegal.  It's one of the areas where I disagree heartily with President Trump.  I'm pretty sure he knows where most of this money goes, too, but then again he's a "money guy" so I guess he thinks it's all just dandy, too.  He knows it's not going to "our soldiers".

Please take the time to read this important article.  It will definitely keep your attention if you've been wondering where your tax money goes and why we give so much money to an outfit who can't even keep track of their own spending. The waste of the DOD is atrocious. 

Also there's a lot of waste that goes on in the military because we are in the business of training and then arming our enemies . . .  I can't even think of one red-blooded American, except a politician, who would think that's a good idea.  Good God.



"If there is any group in the United States that exceeds the sheer greed of our politicians it is the military, which believes itself to be “entitled” as a consequence of its role in the global war on terror."


WHAT WAR ON TERROR???  There's no war on terror.  We keep LEGALLY allowing the most blatant of the terrorists into our country without even blinking an eye.  We have absolutely no way of *vetting* these people and they know it, believe you me, they know it.  Entire families of these terrorists are right under all of our noses.  So we pay the upper echelon of the military BIG money to sort of reward them for letting in the terrorists?  That's how I see it. 

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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