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March 26, 2018 7:58 am  #1

Why is lyin' Ryan (et al) opposing tariffs?

Because RYan is a RINO. He's an ^establishment elitist^.  He's never been a fan of President Trump or his policies and he never will be.  Ryan is in the McCONnell camp and he (McCONnell) is also a RINO and ee.  Pretty hard to defend their voting records and say they're anything else but lyin' RINO/establisment creeps.

This message came to my inbox this morning and I'm sharing it here in whole, because there was no link.

Hey Friend,

Americans are heading back to work in Granite City, Ill. They’re heading back to work in Lorain, Ohio, too, — and they’re even heading back to work in Hawesville, Ky.

The era of American trade surrender is coming to an end.President Trump stood up for America’s working class and our national security when he issued tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. Already we’re seeing results: Factories are beginning to reopen and laid-off workers are being called back.So why are establishment free trader Republicans in Congress working so hard to undermine Trump? Why have they spoken out against this action, putting trade cheats like communist China ahead of the American people?

Enough is enough. Tell Congress to stand with American steel and aluminum workers.

In the past few years, the communist Chinese government has created a steel behemoth while our government sat idly by. American steel mills were forced to shut down, tens of thousands of hardworking Americans faced layoffs, and our national security was put at risk.Factory towns across the heartland were left to rot. Since we need steel and aluminum to supply the military and build critical infrastructure, our security has been jeopardized.President Trump’s tariffs will put people back to work and secure our defense industrial base, ensuring we have the steel and aluminum we need to equip our troops and defend our borders.Grassroots Republicans have Trump’s back on this — 70 percent support the president’s action.But the establishment free trade wing of the party, including Speaker Paul Ryan, spoke out against the president. Even though millions of American workers have lost jobs because of unfair trade, the elites are clinging to their free trade mantra instead of working with Trump to help American workers.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Your Members of Congress to protect American steel and aluminum jobs and defend our national security.

Thanks,Alliance for American Manufacturing
Action Team 

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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