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February 27, 2018 8:26 am  #1

Antidepressants cause violence

Quote from article at link below (which, BTW, is great reading):

“Calling for more spending on mental health and on psychiatry will make matters worse, probably causing many more shootings than it prevents.”

“Not only do psychiatric drugs add to the risk of violence, but psychiatric treatment lulls the various authorities and the family into believing that the patient is now ‘under control’ and ‘less of a risk.’ Even the patient may think the drugs are helping, and continue to take them right up to the moment of violence.”

“Even when some of their patients signal with all their might that they are dangerous and need to be stopped, mental health providers are likely to give drugs, adding fuel to the heat of violent impulses, while assuming that their violence-inducing drugs will reduce the risk of serious aggression.”

I have ZERO respect for the false ideology of "psychiatry".  It is nothing but a scam.

Please go to youtube and see if they still have the 3 hour documentary called Marketing of Madness and you will learn more than you ever want to know about the false premise of the "mental health" profession.  It will make you sick.  (Also watch Death By Medicine from Gary Null).

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