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February 6, 2018 9:01 am  #1

Why do they want to come here?

The people from middle eastern countries claim they want to be in America for the same reason as everyone else - for the freedom.  Yet, we can all see this is not true, right? They don't even want to become American citizens.

Really?  Well, what is their aim then?

I mean, the muslim women still have to wear burkas and hijabs and are still oppressed by their husbands and other menfolk who regularly abuse them in many different ways.  Did they not realize that in America THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS DO NOT APPLY???  Our country doesn't allow men to beat their wives and rape their daughters or sell them off for marriage at age 9 as a part of "our religious beliefs" or any other beliefs.  If they came here because they love our freedoms, they do not seem to want to practice our American way of life. 

Does that not seem odd to anyone but me???/?????/???/???

Also, in America, Christianity rules, not islam. 

If these people didn't really want to live free and enjoy our free way of life, then what the hell are they doing here?

We all know the answer to that question.  We need to make sure they get back to their homelands where they can practice their obviously preferred way of living.  We need to HELP them get there, PRONTO,  by deporting each and every one of them and stop the insane practice of putting them into high gobmint offices and educational institutes, I don't care how SMART they claim to be.  What are we in America thinking when we do things like that?

American people have reached a boiling point and we are noticing that these foreign people are not assimilating into our culture nor do they intend to do any such thing.  So, you have to ask yourself - what the hell are they doing here and WHY did they want to come here in the first place? 

The answer cannot be anything good.  Our officials and leaders already in office need to take notice and do something because we the people are not allowed to do anything on our own without penalty of law.  So how free are we, really? 

I'm not giving up any of my rights and privileges to satisfy a group of people who don't belong here and don't really want to be here for the right reasons, are you?

I have relatives in MN and WI and they will no longer go to church or church functions, they only go to the grocery stores etc in groups of 10 or 12, all of them have concealed or even open carry licenses and use them.  Most of them who are business owners close before dark (and in MN and WI it's dark around 4 or 5 this time of year) and make sure their employees get to their cars safely, then they call their employees to make sure they made it home ok - they do this because they care.  Entire families stay within feet of each other at all times.  The children are homeschooled (have been for some time, thank God) but they are not allowed to play with friends or have friends at their home because the parents do not want the responsibility of anyone but their own family members. 

Now I ask you - - - does this sound like living to you?  This is living in captivity, that's exactly what it is.  They are all getting sick of it and I don't blame them.  They would move somewhere else (another State) but every State is as bad as the previous - or worse.

Is there a solution?  You bet there is.  Will our gobmint leaders ever do a thing to institute that solution?  Don't count on it.  Moonbeam Jerry Brown and his minions will win this round and America will be forever changed.

Not a pretty picture. 


A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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