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February 5, 2018 1:30 pm  #1

Right on time

This is a mess, but there's no way for me to edit it and still get the message posted.  It's from Dr. Tim O'Shea's web site************************SEASONAL HOAX FOR INFLUENZA - RIGHT ON TIME
 With any good advertising program, timing is everything.  So now we get the mandatory Winter Flu Shot Hustle.  With stories appearing simultaneously on Fox and CNN, you can see how the #1 advertiser in the world – the pharmaceutical industry -  coordinates its message, deftly spooking everybody with their latest Boutique Epidemic.
 The drug industry is the master at always keeping the message simple and folksy.  This is why these banner articles in everyday media about deadly flu “epidemics” are written by unlettered, uncredentialled junior staff writers, never by scientists.  Don't want it to get too technical or complicated.  Just a simple message, in the lowest common denominator of Common Core dialect, and keep repeating the fundamentals. 
 Fox was the slickest - its article of  27 Jan:   [color=#0000ee]Flu deaths prompt warnings from victims' families as outbreak continues [/color]

follows a classic online marketing template:  testimonials with photos.  Only difference is, here we have happy, normal people who recently died from the flu - allegedly.  Big color photos, with the family angle. Short, chatty articles, boo-hoo, a lot of inference, not so much fact. 
 Maybe the people are real, maybe they’re not.  One story right after another, making sure to include all demographics of age and race - all based on fear and heartstrings -  an attempt at shock and persuasion. 
 All are variations on the same story - had a happy normal life, when all of a sudden flu ‘came along’ and in one week, boom!  Dead as disco, etc.
 Another fluff piece from CNN, 26 Jan:
            [color=#0000ee]   'Many more weeks' to come in fierce, deadly flu season, CDC says[/color]
was a little cheesier, but with precisely the same message:  get your flu shot now or die:
                                   "This year's seemingly unyielding flu season continues to ravage the    entire continental United States, as health authorities track additional deaths and hospitalization … "  

an avalanche of adjectives, deliberately simulating a bad college freshman English essay assignment.   
 Written by a CDC blogger ('spokeswoman'), the author makes free to predict the future:

                        " the worst is yet to come" 

- a fundamental of Marketing 101 when eliciting fear and trembling, promoting future sales.….
This paragraph sets the tone:                 "There were 11,965 laboratory-confirmed flu-related hospitalizations reported from October 1 to January 20.    The number of people infected with influenza could be much higher because not everyone goes to their doctor when they are sick nor do doctors test every patient." 
She's quoting CDC charts for the entire USA, which would mean about 3000 cases per month in a population of 320 million.  Which is not really that significant, because 
             1.  of the immunosuppressive diet and lifestyle of 80% of the population            2.  statistically, 90% of these hospital cases already got the flu shot
            3.  ”flu-related hospitalizations” could simply mean they didn’t necessarily go to the hospital because they had the flu, but simply got the flu while in the hospital.  

Nosocomial infections now account for 99,000 deaths per year in the US [ Preventing Healthcare-Associated Infections - CDC ]

A large number of these deaths ultimately involve influenza as the last stage of immune suppression. 
We can certainly presume that patients who haven’t already had a flu shot receive one in the hospital.
 But all this media is laboring under a false premise:  that flu shots will prevent the flu.  They can’t.
 By their own statistics, flu shots don’t work because of all these people in the hospital with the flu, statistically at least 90% of them have been vaccinated.
 This brings up the notion of curative vaccines.

Vaccines can’t cure anything somebody’s already got.   Some patients with the flu go in for doctor or hospital visits, and if they haven’t already had the flu shot, are immediately given one.  This is medieval superstition, persisting from the time of Edward Jenner, chief conjurer of the vaccine mythology. 

Even Jenner himself never claimed that any vaccine could cure an existing disease in a patient.  The absolute most that any vaccine scientist has ever claimed is that vaccines will create antibodies to fight against some future infection by a specific disease pathogen, etc.. 
 Which dogma is itself impossible since the vaccines contain manmade mutations of the original virus.  With the influenza vaccines, then there’s this additional random guess of which 3 strains out of the 1000 possible influenza strains are they going to put into this year’s flu shot.  
 But the point is, vaccine scientists have never claimed that vaccines can cure a disease a patient already has.   Only today’s nurses and pediatricians assert something  that completely preposterous.
 Actually, that might be a screening test you can use when choosing a doctor.
 But the real reason that flu shots cannot prevent the flu requires a little discussion and a little research.
 According to CDC, at this time in the US there exist over 1000 strains of influenza virus. 

With a little more probing, you will learn that [color=#0000ee]the vast majority of them are harmless[/color].  If we did cultures of the skin and tract of 1000 random people, we would find some influenza virus in the vast majority of them that would not cause any symptoms or disease whatsoever.  Just part of the normal biosphere in which all mammals have evolved during the past 250 million years.
 This is the main reason that it was so difficult to get the flu vaccine approved in the first place.  They tried and tried, and failed for over 20 years because everyone knew that influenza was mainly a harmless, ubiquitous virus that had been around forever. 
 But finally in 2006, politics and lobbying won out over science and suddenly we had [color=#0000ee]the flu shot added to the mandated schedule[/color] .  But not just 3 or 4 doses, like with most new vaccines that are added.  No,  this was to be the vaccine triumph of all time for the Merck company : a yearly shot for 18 years for all children!  Forever!
 For those of you who can remember before 2006, did you used to get the flu every year? And if you ever got it, was it a serious illness?

And did the flu shot ever once improve your health? 

Empirically,  many practitioners have noticed that most of their patients who get the flu every year are the same ones who get flu shots. 
 Now that’s marketing.

The real Golden Fleece trick with influenza was that as people’s toxic lifestyle caused them to become more and more immune-suppressed -  no gut flora, no peristalsis, clogged arteries --  these sluggish areas became Petri dishes for the proliferation of virtually any opportunistic microbes.  Since influenza viruses are some of the most prevalent in the human biosphere, it was only natural that they were the ones that so often gained a foothold.   And then people say “I got the flu.”  

But the bugs didn’t cause the disease.  It was the toxic environment created by the individual’s lifestyle. 
 Even Louis Pasteur, inventor of the Germ Theory, finally admitted that one on his deathbed:    Le germe n'est rien, c'est le terrain qui est tout.” 
 Like the Holiday Season, the Flu Season was created by merchants.  [color=#0000ee]Want to keep from getting the flu?[/color] Stop eating donuts, fries, ice cream, pasteurized dairy, hydrogenated snacks, drinking coffee, taking drugs, etc—stop depressing your immune system.
 Let’s do this:  Give me 200 patients who often get the flu in the winter.  Half of them can get the flu shot.  The other half will not, but I will have control over their lifestyle for 3 months.  Then bring in your Vegas oddsmakers, and we’ll see who gets the flu and who doesn’t.
 Any takers?

                "So often times it happens / that we live our lives in chains                                          And we never even know we have the key “                          - Glenn Frey 

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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