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January 16, 2018 11:15 am  #1

expectation of privacy

Could someone please tell me how this works?  One of our given rights is the expectation of privacy, no?

Soooooo, with all the smart appliances, smart gadgets, smart meters, etc., how do we work around that "expectation of privacy thing" when it comes to going to court for something?

I need a lawyer to explain to me how that is working out for people, now that there is, essentially, absolutely no privacy at all anymore, much less the *expectation* of privacy . . .  I mean, huh?  How does this work?  Is there something written into ALL of the "terms and conditions" things we have to click on in order to do things online?

I just don't understand how an expectation of privacy can be expected when there is no privacy left in the world?


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