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January 8, 2018 5:27 pm  #1

Yep, it makes my stomach turn, too


"While illegals are not official citizens, outrageously, they receive benefits unavailable to citizens – free attorneys, college tuition, checks, abortions, and more.  ;Democrats and fake news media are working to guilt-trip Americans into gifting illegals the right to vote.  ;(Some are already voting.)  ;So illegals don't desire or need no stinkin' U.S. citizenship.

Obama's illegals have no desire to assimilate.  ;As a matter of fact, arrogant illegals were highly offended when U.S. citizen students wore patriotic images to school on Mexican holidays, calling it insensitive and racist.  ;Remarkably, American leftists who resent our country agreed with the illegals.=14pxDemocrats believe they can control every aspect of our lives for decades if they can replace proud, decent, hardworking American voters with entitlement-minded, unskilled, and uneducated deadbeats.  ;Democrats fill their voters with class envy and hatred for anyone who has more than they do.  ;Democrats train their voters to believe that personal failure is always the fault of someone else – particularly the fault of heterosexual white males.

Democrat hate-filled zombies support government controlling everything – taking from achievers to redistribute to lazy losers.  ;The Bible tells us to take care of widows, orphans, and people who cannot take care of themselves.  ;The Bible also says if a man does not work, he should not eat.  ;Democrats celebrate men who will not work.  ;Democrats know that lazy losers will always vote for Democrats who promise to give them other people's hard earned stuff.  ;Rather than inspiring Americans to rise to a higher standard, Democrats thrive on lowering the bar disguised as "fairness."  ;This is why the Democrats' and the fake news media's vision for America turns my stomach."

And, as if you didn't already know, we have Obozo to thank for this.


A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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