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January 4, 2018 8:18 pm  #1

Children's preference for gender-based toys is innate

Quote from article at link below:

"Not surprisingly, despite the study's findings, progressives continue to advance the notion that gender and biological sex are separate in an effort to normalize transgenderism,"

It's no such thing.  Transgenderism, LGBTQ whatever whatever whatever - those are all CHOICES made by those people.  I do believe, too, it has a lot to do with the over-hormoned foods in today's world - like soy crap, for instance, and many other things, most of which are highly toxic to boot.

THIS IS A LANDMARK STUDY, if you ask me.  It will be highly ignored by all those who really should be taking a second and third look at it.  And the democrats (the leftopaths)?  They won't EVER acknowledge the truth no matter how many times or ways it's put forward to them. 

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