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January 4, 2018 3:14 pm  #1

China/UN relations

Remember a couple of years ago when I started saying, repeatedly, that the USA has much more to worry about with China than it ever will with Russia?  Remember that?  Well, they'll partner up soon and we'll need to worry about both, but for now, this reading is some scary shit, let me tell you.  We better hope the UN is dissolved - and SOON.  China has their shit together when it comes to "training" troops of all kinds; america is lazy, far tooo0000 lazy to be calling ourselves, braggingly, a superpower.  We were never a superpower and we still aren't.  We're going to be taught that lesson in a very hard manner if we don't straighten up and fly right in the very near future.


"Unsurprisingly, leading globalists, thrilled at the prospect of thousands of thoroughly indoctrinated communist troops being put at the UN's disposal, celebrated the Chinese announcement. “Xi Jinping definitely stole the show with his plans for an 8,000-strong standby force to back UN operations, and his pledge overshadowed pretty much everyone else's,” European Council on Foreign Relations “peacekeeping expert” Richard Gowan was quoted as saying in establishment media. “The big question is what this will mean in practice. Is it 8,000 troops ready to deploy at short notice at all times?” "

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