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December 26, 2017 5:35 pm  #1

Global cooling

We are having our first cold-snap of the winter (of course, it's only been winter for 6 days) but usually by now we've had several snowfalls and several days and nights below zero.  We've only had 3 snowfalls that dropped more than about 1 inch, and we've only had 2 below zero nights.  Tonight it is supposed to be minus 4, but starting by Friday we are due to have temps back up into the 40's and even some 50's.  Very unusual for this time of year.  The grass is still green under the snow, of all things.  I know there are places where global cooling is more evident but where I live right now, not so much. I do, however, live in what's known as the banana belt of the snow belt! 

The only place in the entire USA, really, that's having a good, old-fashioned snow-covered winter is the stretch of land east of the Great Lakes where they always get mega snows coming off the lakes.  It's not unusual for them to have FEET of snow by now, rather than inches.


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