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December 19, 2017 2:26 pm  #1

DCF officials don't report sexual abuse of foster children

It seems as though children are in far more danger when placed in foster care, because they've been removed from their parental home, than they ever would have been by being left in their own homes, even if those homes WERE abusive to some degree.  I think the level of abuse in the foster care system is on a totally different level because those foster parents are in this for the money, most of the time, so they don't give a SCHITT about those kids at all.  They rent them out by the hour, by the day, by the week for the most unspeakable sexual crap.  Some of these kids are used as sacrificial lambs of a sort, they just aren't always killed.  Some are beaten up, etc., and yet none of that is investigated.  And it's NOT just Massachusetts either.  It's nation wide in america and we should all be ashamed beyond words.  I would love for someone with official status to run the stats and do a report to the public about how many of these children have disappeared over the years. 

Since this article is about MA, however, where the hell was Mittens when these kids needed him?  He's too busy playing politics I guess, which is sad because his religion is said to highly frown on this deviant behavior, yet no one including Mittens himself is doing a damn thing about it.  So, DCF gets away with this crap by not saying a word in defense of those kids they are supposed to be protecting and they end up taking home bonuses and everything else.  It's unspeakable in the horror of it all.

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