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December 12, 2017 3:17 pm  #1

HUGE backlog of illegal aliens

This just makes my blood boil.  Obozo was such a jackass (pure democrat donkey, in fact!).  These illegal aliens will be here forever.  Once they're here, they're not goin' anywhere, believe me.  They're too busy planning ways to exterminate the US population.

" . . .  the Washington Examiner quoted ICE official Matthew Albence as saying earlier this week =12pxin explaining why U.S. immigration officials have a backlog of 550,000 illegal aliens. Albence is executive associate director for enforcement and removal operations.Two reasons are given for this exceptionally large backlog. One, former President Barack Obama handed many of them temporary amnesty, and two, others were allowed to stay by judges sympathetic to illegal immigration.Obama began delaying deportation actions in large numbers in 2014. Albence explained that even if officers of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) found an illegal alien in jail, they were discouraged from taking him into custody. “Our officers had to turn their heads or walk the other way. So that’s a large part of that problem, the fact that we couldn’t enforce the law.”Even some illegals sought for murder were protected."

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