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November 19, 2017 3:51 pm  #1

EVIDENCE of MSM screwing with the news

Now this is what I call good reading. No WONDER so many of us thought he didn't accomplish a thing on that trip to China because all we heard was a bunch of truly fake crap about koi fish.

*I don't know how this got into print, however, because it sorely needed a proofreader.  I've corrected a couple of typos.  Please read the whole article though, because it'll tell you a lot about the climate of america's news coverage right now and why the major tv stations and printed rags are not to be believed - if they print anything at all. Most of the time they don't cover anything worth listening to or reading at all, that's why I read at places like American Thinker, Lew Rockwell, Zero Hedge, The Conservative Treehouse, Instapundit, Al Jazeera, etc.  Much more reliable sources with which to gather the current CORRECT news.

"As a candidate, Donald Trump promised to “make deals” that would benefit America. He is precisely delivering on this promise. In addition to the project in West Virginia, deals amounting to a quarter trillion dollars were announced in the wake of the visit to China.

[media crickets]

In addition, the deal reveals that President Trump has gotten the Chinese to consider becoming dependent on America for important energy supplies. That makes them far less likely to be antagonistic toward us, and addresses the chronic huge balance of payments deficit we suffer with China, keeping two more promises: to keep us safe and to keep us from digging that trade deficit hole deeper.

But this is news too helpful to Trump to be reported."

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