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November 15, 2017 2:40 pm  #1

This is why

This is why I don't buy organic produce very often - because we don't have a CLUE where it came from or how it was grown or anything else about it, for that matter.  I buy locally grown foods from my locally owned co-op (where the members/purchasers of their foods are the owners) because it is the business of that co-op to check up on their farmers and to find out about the foods they are selling.  Members, like me, pay a yearly fee to be "part owners" of the store, so to speak.  The reason we are willing to pay for a membership is because of the fact that this is being done for those of us who simply do not have the time to do it ourselves. 

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"We need the stores we shop at to quit trying to sell us fake organic food from inhumane livestock factories, masquerading as organic, or hydroponic vegetables fertilized with conventional soybeans and grown in ground up coconut waste … or even ground up recycled plastic!   Top retailers like Whole Foods Markets, Costco, Target, Safeway, Walmart, and Kroger must be convinced to provide choices in their grocery aisles for authentic, nutrient-dense organic food grown in rich, carefully stewarded soil.

If the nutrients are not in our soil, they are not in our food …. and they are not in our families! Factory farm meat, dairy and egg production, and fruits and vegetables grown without soil rich in humus result in inferior flavor and nutrition.Increasingly, grocery aisles are filled with faux organics brought to consumers by corporations that are selling out the true meaning of organics."

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