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November 15, 2017 10:37 am  #1

Finally, someone is addressing this

"Before we go farther, I need to point out that I have been in advertising for 40-plus years.  I did my master's work in the field, I've written books about it, I've won a few ADDY awards, I've taught it at the college level, and I've even been an expert witness in a court case.  So when I say this is a bad economic idea for the advertisers – the reasons that far outweigh any chest-thumping ego-tripping that comes from climbing on a politically correct bandwagon – please understand that this is not just an opinion.  It's the opinion of someone who has bought advertising on FOX News for clients and who understands the professional risks and rewards.

With that said, this boycott approach is wrong from another perspective as well.  And that comes from the economic backlash any company faces when it starts taking sides in acrimonious political debates.  Here's how it works.  When an advertiser makes a big deal out of joining an ad boycott, that advertiser is, in effect, passing judgment on each of the target's audience members, saying, "You are no longer good enough to be our customer."  Obviously, that never sits well with the audience members.  In this case, Hannity's 3.2-plus million nightly viewers and his 13 million daily listeners (Hannity is currently ranked #1 in cable news and #2 in talk radio) are being insulted.  Even given some overlap, that is a lot of potential customers to cast judgments upon."

Yep, bad idea for advertisers.  Guess Soros didn't think this one through very well.

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