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November 9, 2017 3:38 pm  #1

Check out these ingredients "for health"!!!

Oh good God.  I can't believe they are still pushing this crap - actually, I can't believe they're still legally able to make the junk.  But to classify it as a "health food" - you must be kidding, right? 

No.  They're not kidding, they actually tell people this SCHITT is good for them.  I hear it on tv often, advertised as "an important addition to my "Mom's/Dad's nutritional health and well-being after they were hospitalized".  What a bunch of meadow muffins.  All anyone with half a brain has to do is read the ingredient list to know that this junk wouldn't keep a dog alive & kicking, much less a human.  This, too, should be against the law - but just take a look at who's writing those laws and who's pushing this kind of "nutrition" and then connect the dots.


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