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November 2, 2017 6:09 pm  #1

The USDuh just ruined the organic movement

Those jackasses ruled in favor of letting hydroponic produce be classified as organic.  This is really no surprise because those idiots always do exactly what you think they aren't going to do in the name of decency.  Hydroponic foods may be a lot of things but they are certainly not organic in the sense that most of us think soil is the important part of "organic" as such. 

We should have known it would end up this way.  No matter how many letter or petitions or signatures, they vote against the majority of the people.  Surprise, surprise.  It will be interesting, within the next few days, to see what the Cornucopia Institute has to say about this subject.  Nothing good for hydroponics, that's for damned sure.


A government which robs Peter to
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