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October 26, 2017 7:09 am  #1

Nitrogen-based fertilizers create algal blooms & dead zones

There are many more crops we should be growing in the US besides corn, but corn is what gets the attention.  And wrongly so, as you will see.  But it's really the fertilizers which are causing the major part of the problem.

"Nancy Rabalais, professor of oceanography at Louisiana State University, is an expert on dead zones. She has measured oxygen levels in the Gulf since 1985, and blames agricultural runoff entering the Mississippi River for this growing environmental disaster. Recent measurements reveal the area has only half the oxygen levels required to sustain basic life forms.

"The solution lies upstream in the watershed," she says, "with agricultural management practices; a switch to crops that have deeper roots and don't need so much fertilizer and are still just as profitable as corn."

According to CBS, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has created a task force to assess dead zones, and hope to reduce nutrient-rich agricultural runoff by 20 percent by 2025. Common sense will tell you that's nowhere near enough. A study2 published last year revealed nitrogen builds up far below the soil surface, where it can continue to leach into groundwater for 35 years."

If this woman has already done the studies since 1985, why does the EPA need its nose in things?  They'll just figure out a way to make it cost more to clean it up, that's all they ever do.  Then they spend the least amount to do a crappy clean-up job and pocket the rest of the money.  When will our gubmint ever learn?


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