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October 23, 2017 3:15 pm  #1

Worried about Trump's cabinet picks

It's been months and months since the election and still we have negative forces in america.  Most of them are employed by Trump, and that is very troubling.  These guys are war-mongers, corporate bigwigs who only know money, and no one cares if the rest of society benefits from anything they do IN THE NAME OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.  For God's sake, let's start cleaning house.


"Iranians strongly oppose returning to those dark days, what Washington, including Pompeo, want reimposed. He shamefully claimed “Iranian behavior is threatening not only the United States, but the West. The West, writ large, as well.”

False! Iran threatens no one. Washington threatens everyone.

Pompeo heads a rogue agency, responsible for high crimes throughout its existence, more sinister today than earlier.

Pompeo: “(I)t’s an open secret (that at) times the Iranians have worked alongside Al-Qaeda.”

Fact: Iran is a mortal enemy of Al-Qaeda, ISIS and other US-supported terrorist groups. Besides orchestrating agency high crimes, Pompeo is paid to lie."

Of course he's paid to lie.  Guys who belong to far-anythingist groups are known operatives. (James Clapper, Jim Comey, Robert Mueller - - and the list goes on and on and on - - and I'd say pompeo fits like a glove to that description.


A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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