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October 23, 2017 1:44 pm  #1

I'm ashamed of all of America

I'm truly ashamed of these two black American women. 

Question:  Did Mrs. Johnson (wife of the man killed in Niger, La David Johnson) call any of the other widows (3 of them) to console them?  If not she should not be condemning our President for not knowing what to say to her in the face of her loss.  However, he should have kept it short and simple and said "I'm so very sorry for your loss" and left it at that.  He needs to STOP talking.  He needs to STOP twittering.  He needs to stop texting.  SOMEONE TAKE HIS PHONE AWAY. 

The fact that our idiot Senators (save for Rand Paul) including the black woman who wears the cowboy hats, didn't know anything about Niger, doesn't surprise me one bit.  I'll bet half of them don't know how many military people are anywhere in this world, for that matter.  Do any of them know we have over 900 military bases around the world??  Huh? Do they?  I doubt it.

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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