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October 14, 2017 8:12 am  #1

Gates anything but philanthropist

Everyone with any reading skills at all probably already knows this - they just don't know the whole story.  Good reading unless you get mad easily!  Blood pressure - - look out!!   Makes me wish the little guy had never "stumbled onto his invention of the internet/techno crap, and now to see what he's doing with the money he made from that venture, makes me sick to my stomach.  Bad people doing bad things in the name of goodness.  Hope they know God is watching . . .

"According to the report, “This is a corporate merry-go-round where the [Gates Foundation] consistently acts in the interests of corporations.”1 2 In other words, the perception that the Gates Foundation is just another nonprofit engaged in doing good works is not entirely accurate. The report noted that the Gates Foundation’s program is not a “neutral, charitable strategy for which the world should be thankful that a rich man is deciding to spend his money on good causes.” It makes the Gates Foundation out to be more of a money-making venture than a typical charitable organization."


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