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October 10, 2017 11:25 am  #1

Spearfish Canyon fall photos - spectacular!

My favorite ride in the fall months is to go, several times, through Spearfish Canyon starting at the end of August so we can still see the green, then at least once during September and again at the very beginning of October.  This has been a great year because we've had very little wind, lots of rain, and so far no snow yet at our elevation.  We've had snow in the higher elevations of the Black Hills, but no blizzards yet (like on October 4, 2013) and no strong gale winds.  Usually by now the wind has most of the leaves off the trees and there's not much to see.  This year it has been absolutely exceptional and outstandingly beautiful.  See for yourself.  Also, maybe you can now understand why I (and a host of other folks) would almost like to keep this place, this whole State (!) a secret   One thing sd doesn't need is immigrants who want to boycott the National monument called Mt. Rushmore.  We get lots of people, or should I say ENOUGH people as it is, *who wouldn't normally be here* who come in through the USAF.  We just don't want any more strange strangers . . .


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