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September 16, 2017 3:41 pm  #1

Hurricanes can be beneficial

As can forest fires and other natural disasters.  However, all those natural disasters still create devastation.

But blaming "global warming" is asinine.  Read the great article below to find out the full circle of details, good and bad.

After Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, few are cheering this gift from Mother Nature. Hurricanes, which have been ravaging the southern coastal regions of the US for eons, originally deposited their storm surges and rains on marshland. Houston, New Orleans and Florida were swamps long before masses of people arrived, paving the ground, redirecting the flow of water and putting up homes and buildings along nearly every inch of shoreline.

The hurricanes aren’t more severe in 2017, but their effects certainly are, due to urbanization of the gulf and ocean coasts. Not Mother Nature’s fault or plan. And not necessarily a bad thing, as long as the risks and unintended consequences of developing the shoreline are understood.

This is not a new concept. Build homes in or close to the forest and expect that these homes will be threatened and eventually destroyed by forest fires. Live on the Malibu cliffs and don’t be surprised to watch your home crash onto the Pacific Coast Highway after a mudslide. Make a wild animal your house pet and don’t be shocked if someday the pet reverts to its roots and attacks you.

This in no way discounts the financial, physical and emotional toll that the recent hurricanes dealt to those unfortunate enough to be in their paths. But it’s wise to remember that hurricanes have been around long before humans and serve a greater purpose than politics and virtue signaling as the recent Hurricane Telethon demonstrated. 

One "gift" I didn't see mentioned, and probably won't depending on who's financing articles like this, is that the winds from Hurricanes and tornadoes also carry pesticides and other toxic "farming" chemicals.  Didn't see that one for obvious reasons.

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