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September 14, 2017 10:00 am  #1


Well, my area of the country is once again bathed in putrid, acrid smoke.  This has been going on for well over a month because there are so many fires raging all across the west.  I have trouble believing they're all accidents, but whatever. 

I have been sick to my stomach for weeks because the smell is nauseating.  It gets embedded into your nostrils and pretty soon that's all you can smell or taste.  Food has lost it's appeal.  Can't say that's all bad but at some point all of us need to eat!

The air outside is so thick it's like fog.  The haze has a pinkish cast and has literally drenched the Black Hills in smoke.  Even the dog smells like smoke after being outside for short amounts of time (he's usually out all day this time of year but even he can't take it). 

It's been hotter than normal here, too, for weeks on end.  However, starting tomorrow that will change.  Another cold front sweeping down from Canada will cool us off, maybe provide some wind to clear out the smoke, and the chance of rain stands at 80% on Friday.  Now THAT would be helpful to put out the 2 fires down by Wind Cave here in SD, if the storm hits that area. 

Wherever you live, I hope you've having a nicer "end of summer" than we are.

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