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August 27, 2017 8:37 pm  #1

What is WRONG with people?

These guys never have to get out of the pool, do they?  I mean,  if you lose one job for being a liar, or a murderer, or a spy, the people inside the pool simply find you a different position to fill - and the positions aren't always political but they're still within the circle of the pool.

These people (Don Lemon and James Clapper) are so full of hatred for Donald Trump the man, they don't even really know what his political positions are.  You can tell they don't have a clue.  It makes me sick to think that people like this are actually allowed to be on the airwaves. 

James Clapper should be damn glad anyone will HAVE him (but then again, our former President was a pretty good teacher at lying, so Clapper is just following suit) including the gimmedat party.  The man isn't fit to take out my trash and Don Lemon can just spin for all I care.  He's a certified idiot.  They both had too many vaccinations in their lifetimes, I guess.  The only reasonable explanation I can think of . . .  

This is quite short to read, but there are a couple of good embedded links.


A government which robs Peter to
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