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August 24, 2018 8:21 pm  #1

Do you think it's that she doesn't want to understand?

Coconut oil is not really considered a true, whole saturated fat.  It is a medium chain triglyericide (MCT), the way I understand it, as well as being saturated.

Nevertheless, coconut oil is good for you, regardless of what this clueless "Harrrvaad professor" thinks.

Saturated fats DO NOT CAUSE CHOLESTEROL PROBLEMS, and even if they did, where's the problem???  Cholesterol is a necessary element in our bodies and since the modern medical field has the whole thing totally backwards and misconstrued I would not worry about what THEY have to say about any of it.  I'd be way more worried about homocysteine levels and even too much calcium than I ever would be about cholesterol.  They've even proven that LDL and all that crap doesn't mean a thing except for the medical industry's bottom line.  If they can keep convincing people that cholesterol is bad and that statin drugs are necessary yada yada yada, they make tons of money. 

Don't buy it.

This guy gets the saturated fat and MCT part right, but he's still all wrong about cholesterol.  Will none of those goons EVER get it right??


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